Manage your Regular Transactions

The Manage your Regular Transactions service helps you arrange recurring payments and scheduled money transfers. It allows you to fully check the regular transactions you are making, and saves you precious time.

Automate your regular transactions

The regular transactions you can set up are recurring payments or scheduled money transfers such as:

  • Credit card repayments

  • Loan instalments or premium payments

  • Recurring payments such as utility bills, rent, tuition fees, etc

Your Personal Advisor will set-up the payments you choose to make in this way. They set up a standing order for each one, debiting your account or the credit card you choose.


You can opt to receive alerts about each regular transaction made, in the way that suits you best: SMS to your mobile phone, emails or phone calls. This allows you to have full control over your regular transactions.

How to use this service

Once you have given your Personal Advisor your choices and instructions they will:

 1.   Note down the payments you want to pay automatically.

 2.   For every payment, they will record the type of payment you want to make, such as a standing order
       from a specific account or a specific credit card.

 3.   They will also record when and how you want to be alerted about regular
       transactions that are made: by SMS, email or phone call.