Organise your Finances

The Organise your Finances service helps us to pinpoint your financial goals, whether they are personal or family, short- or long-term, by carrying out a financial check-up. We alert you to issues that in our experience need close attention. We help you prioritise your targets and needs and suggest suitable solutions for you.

Financial Check-up

The check-up you and your Personal Advisor do examines main areas of your finances:

  • Financial goals and plans to achieve them

  • Deposits and cash assets

  • Loans and banking transactions

  • Insurance and protection

Organising your finances

We examine how your finances are organised and managed. We look at the extent to which your choices so far match your financial goals. We alert you to issues that in our experience need close attention. With an overall picture of your finances, we can then suggest solutions tailored to your profile and priorities.

How to use this service

Your Personal Advisor will set the ball rolling:

 1.   They will arrange a 20-minute long meeting with you.

 2.   They will carry out the financial check-up and use a special form to record your profile. You’ll get a copy of that form at the end of        the meeting.

 3.   After they have examined your case, they will explain your financial situation to you. They will offer specific solutions depending on        your priorities and needs and deal with new issues as they arise over the course of your relationship.

 4.   They will plan ahead with you, identifying the steps that need to be taken.