Portfolio and Cash Equivalent Management

Piraeus Bank's winbank web banking helps you manage your company's portfolio and cash equivalents efficiently and securely via the internet or your mobile. It allows you to assign different access and user rights to your employees, as well as specify individual monetary limits for certain transactions. This way you have an array of services available to you from Greece's top prize-winning web banking service.

How you benefit

Your entire portfolio under your control

Through winbank web banking you can monitor and manage your company's entire portfolio. Enter into the following transactions:


  • View details for each account: current accounts and other joint credit accounts

  • Get an overview, account balance analysis and activity log for each account

  • Carry out batch transactions, standing orders or lump-sum payments

  • Make transfers and remittances

Investment portfolio

  • Evaluate your portfolio online

  • Issue share purchase and sale orders by debiting your account

  • Monitor the stock exchange share prices in real time

  • Find out the prices of foreign stock exchange indexes in real time

  • Participate in public offerings (underwriting)

Corporate cards

  • View your credit card details, balances and activities

  • Pay your bills immediately or at a future date

  • View your monthly statements online and print them


  • Get an overview of your company loans

  • View details on your loan status, amount due, payment date, etc.

  • Make repayments and view your repayment log

In addition, for specific actions in your portfolio or cash equivalents, you may receive winbank alerts, the exact moment they happen. You can also choose to exclude the accounts you don't want to be accessible through winbank web banking.

24/7 management in real time

winbank web banking allows you to get an overview of your company's portfolio in real time. You can manage your portfolio online 24/7 in the way that suits you bes:

  • Log into winbank web banking

  • Use the winbank mobile App

In addition you may streamline your scheduled transactions in advance, either by setting up a standing order or by choosing the date when you want your future payments to be made.

Your company’s payments through winbank 

Access and management right customisation

You choose the employees to whom you wish to assign individual management tasks for your portfolio, as well as the approval mechanisms. Sign up to the service and without paying any administrative fees, you can set up:

  • Your employees' access and user rights

  • The monetary limits and approval levels for certain transactions

  • The complex action monitoring mechanisms for multiple users

Approval workflows for your transactions

The Greenest Way to Bank

Choosing to manage your company's portfolio and cash equivalents through winbank helps the environment. You save lots of paper, which reduces the environmental impact of paper production: felling trees, consuming electricity and water. Make web banking part of your company's daily activities and you help cut your carbon footprint significantly.


  • Management through winbank requires the use of personal access codes. Only the users you have chosen, as part of the management rights you have assigned to them, know their access codes

  • Most monetary transactions require a two-factor authentication by entering an extraPIN

  • You can choose to exclude the accounts you don't want to manage online through winbank

  • Cutting-edge security systems certified by international services keep your web transactions secure

  • Recognised encryption protocols guarantee that your transactions remain private and protect your data as they are transferred

  • A firewall controls access to Piraeus Bank systems. It prevents unauthorised access to systems and databases containing confidential information

Find out more about winbank cash management security

Signing up for the service

To manage your company's portfolio and cash equivalents online or from your mobile, you must sign up to winbank web banking.

Once you sign up, you receive the personal access codes (User ID and PIN) for all the users with access rights to winbank web banking and winbank phone banking.

To get your login codes, there is a €5 fee.