Mass payments through Piraeus4All

“Piraeus4All” is a new pioneer service in the Greek banking industry since businesses have the capability to gather, combine, execute in bulk and monitor all kinds of payments through one service, thus saving valuable time and money.

Through “Piraeus4All” service, you now have the option to transfer money between your own and to third party accounts within Piraeus Bank and to other banks, to execute your company’s payroll and to pay for bills and other obligations of your business towards Organizations and Public Services.

Through a single service you submit simultaneously:
  1. Remittances in euro and foreign currency
  2. Transfers to same currency accounts within Piraeus Bank that belong to you or to others
  3. Bill payments to Organizations and Public Services using payment codes
  4. Payroll of your employees

How you benefit

  • Simultaneous execution of different kinds of payments and remittances
  • Significant time and cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility regarding the means available for the creation and submission of mass payments & payroll
  • Organization of your transactions in customized Lists for easy and quick processing and future submission
  • Full and detailed online information on the status of your transaction execution
  • Availability of response files to facilitate reconciliation in your ERP
  • Historic view of your payments per file

How does the service work

Depending on your business’s operational capabilities, “Piraeus4All” gives you the following options for executing your bulk payments:

  • Dedicated menu in winbank web banking for the creation and submission of Lists with Mass Payments & Payroll
  • Creation of Mass Payments & Payroll files through your ERP, according to technical specifications (ISO 20022) provided by Piraeus Bank, that can be submitted through winbank web banking or secure ftp server.


To learn more about the service and how to activate it for SME’s and Large Corporates, you may contact the specialized sales representatives of Transaction Banking through or visit one of the retail branches of Piraeus Bank.