Receive a copy of your statement using the Customer Statement - SWIFT MT940 service

The Customer Statement - SWIFT MT940 service provides updates about transactions involving your account with Piraeus Bank to a third party bank or a company in the SWIFT network. Piraeus Bank is also a member of the SWIFT Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE) to allow it to send SWIFT MT940 messages directly to the customer’s SWIFT BIC and not just to financial institutions.

The customer specifies:

  • The accounts it authorises the Bank to send messages about. These messages relate to account transactions and balances
  • The message recipients

At the customer’s option, the message can be sent either:

  • Daily
  • Whenever there is an account transaction

Who is it for

The Customer Statement - SWIFT MT940 service is aimed at large companies or groups of companies that want to check the balances and transactions of accounts they or their subsidiaries hold with Piraeus Bank (if they are members of SCORE) to have a third party they cooperate with do so.

How you benefit

The service has numerous benefits since it allows the customer to:

  • Monitor account transactions and balances

  • Have a third party (a bank or fund manager) monitor the customer’s account balances and transactions

  • Check the transactions of subsidiaries’ bank accounts

  • Obtain details about each account transaction if information about it was recorded