Credit Transfer Standing Orders for customers that use cash management services

Funds Transfer Standing Orders service allows you to setup recurring money transfer transactions, according to the needs of your business:

  • Payment of recurring obligations: Set a Fixed Amount Standing Order, to fulfill your recurring obligations (e.g. rental payments, subscriptions, etc.) within Piraeus Bank or at other banks

  • Cash sweeping within Piraeus Bank: Set a Balance Transfer Standing Order, either to accumulate your cash in one account (zero balancing), or to ensure that you maintain a minimum or maximum balance in your business accounts (target balancing)

  • Ensure payments settlement in case of insufficient balance: Set a Real Time Balance Transfer Standing Order to ensure a smooth and timely settlement of your financial obligations (e.g. paper cheque payment)

Applies To

Funds Transfer Standing Orders service applies to businesses that wish to:

  • Sweep their cash in a single account for better liquidity management

  • Make recurring or ad hoc payments with no need to check deadlines or account balance availability


  • Automation of payments

  • Planning of future account transactions

  • Cash sweeping according to your needs