Credit Transfer Standing Orders for customers that use cash management services

Using Credit Transfer Standing Orders you can specify the terms and conditions for transferring money, in relation to the frequency of transactions and the amount you want to transfer (target balancing or zero balancing) anywhere in the world. The validity of each standing order:

  • Use a predetermined, specific expiry date,

  • or leave it open until new instructions are received from you.

Credit Transfer Standing Orders for a fixed amount can also be handled using winbank web banking.

Who is it for

Standing Orders are primarily intended for companies that want:

  • To pool their money in an account held with a foreign bank or in Greece (account servicing bank) to better manage and place their cash assets

  • Pay regular debts without the stress of keeping an eye on when they expire

How you benefit

Standing Orders have important benefits for the customer since they ensure:

  • Automatic standing debt payments

  • Cash pooling and better cash management

  • Planning future moves and obligations


The fees for this service are specified in an agreement signed by both parties.