Specialisation in Green Entrepreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship has been gaining ground in a business environment that seeks returns on large investments. Investments in renewable energy sources (RES), energy saving, rational waste and water management, green chemistry, green transport, organic farming ventures and large ecotourism units are gaining increasing attention. Given the returns of such investments, the sector has been shifting towards large-scale projects.

Our specialisation

The Corporate Banking and Complex Financing Division has been participating in RES projects since 1996. These include building energy upgrade projects, complex financing for green chemistry companies, etc. In addition, it offers financial advisory services to major energy projects due to its vast knowledge and experience in this sector. Our technical know-how allows us to offer customised financing solutions, with features that depend on the type of investment. Each investment is assessed individually. This aims at customised management, depending on the individual features each time.

Staff of experts

The Piraeus Bank Group offers upgraded and targeted technical and financial services, drawing on its experience in major projects, and the excellent technical and financial expertise of its staff. The Group goes beyond the practices offered by the sector, combining financing solutions and contemporary banking tools with specialised green services. The green services mainly aim at securing sustainable and viable investments. Για To this end, our team of experts guide you every step of the way throughout the planning and implementation of your investment. Benefit from our knowledge and our leading position in Green Banking. Benefit from the experience and the guarantee a major Group offers.