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Information for reducing your tax
Reduce your tax by making the most out of Piraeus Bank products and Services!

Reduce your tax!

By using Piraeus Bank credit, debit and prepaid cards for your buys.

By making your e-payments through Winbank e-banking (web,mobile & phone banking) and Piraeus Bank easypay e-services

Calculate the minimum expenditure required for tax reduction

Fill in your annual taxable income and quickly calculate the amount of expenditure required in order to maintain your tax-exempt status. 

0 €
200.000 €
Minimum transaction amount for tax reduction

In order to achieve tax reduction, you must carry out transactions amounting to    € by using e-payment means and cards.


You can get informed on the tax reduction costs you have covered, through the winbank web and the mobile banking service.

Win yellows, reducing at the same time your tax, through the e-payment means participating in the yellow Rewards Program.


How can I achieve tax reduction?

Which income is tax reduction related to?

What if I cannot cover the expenditure required according to my income?

Which expenses are eligible for tax reduction and which are not?

Will my Bank send to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) the expenditure I have repaid for tax year
by electronic means of payment?

Will I be able to declare before the AADE any additional expenditure for the purchase of goods and the provision of services which
has been paid by electronic payment means?

If any third party makes payments for my own expenditure regarding the purchase of goods and the provision of services,
can the Bank detect it?

Who should I contact if I believe that the data which has been calculated and
sent to the AADE are not correct or any transactions are missing?

What documents do I need to have or provide as evidence for the amount collected by using electronic payment means?

Read the full text and download the Government Gazette.

Read the full text and download the Government Gazette.


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