winbank web banking

Use winbank web banking to carry out your daily transactions, easily and quickly, wherever you are. Also winbank offers you the right tools to manage your finances in a better way, track your spending and set up your saving goals.

winbank web banking

Use winbank web banking to carry out your daily transactions, easily and quickly, wherever you are. Also winbank offers you the right tools to manage your finances in a better way, track your spending and set up your saving goals.

Financial management tools

Winbank enables you to have a better control on your finances by offering useful and detailed information about your expenses, as well as by setting a budget and monitoring it alongside with your saving goals.

Winbank’s new feature can be found among the following sections:

Section «My Transactions»

  • At this section, you can view all transactions, from your accounts and cards.
  • In order to have better control on your transactions, from now on, each transaction is automatically listed in categories and sub-categories. For instance, you complete a purchase within a Supermarket using your Piraeus Bank Card; your purchase is automatically indexed under “Home” category and at the same time, as “Supermarket” sub-category.
  • If you want, you can easily change the transaction’s category as well as the sub-category by setting a rule for the ones sharing the same description. After that, they will be automatically categorized in way to meet your needs.

Section «My expenses»

  • At this section, you can view and manage all your expenses for the current month, according their category.
  • In addition to that, you can set up your spending goals with the limit per expense category that suits your balance. By setting up your spending goals, you can easily track your expenses compared to your spending goals and your monthly budget.

Section «My Saving Goals»

  • You can now create your own saving goals! Your goals should unlock opportunities to save (e.g. a trip or your next car service). After setting up your saving goals, you have to choose how you will fund them and then you can easily track your saving progress.

Section "Useful" 

  • By activating the "Useful" service, you can view useful information about your expenses and saving goals, through short messages at the winbank web banking homepage.
  • Messages are personalized and they help you learn in the easiest way, information that would otherwise require time to search, or calculations, as they may compare expenses at different time periods, or highlight how close you are to the spending or savings goals you have set.

Online Registration

Your registration at winbank web banking can be now fulfilled online, easily, with no more than 3 steps. Just click here and follow the instructions.

If you prefer you can register through the winbank mobile app (download free through Google Play or App Store). In order to complete your online registration, you must know your Debit Card’s PIN number and possess the mobile phone you declared at the Bank. Online registration in winbank is free of charge.

Alternatively, you can just visit a branch in order to complete your registration on winbank web banking with a 10€ fee.

Update of personal data

Update personal data through

Through winbank you can update your personal data online, by linking to the public administration's single digital portal using your taxisnet codes, without having to visit any branch of Piraeus Bank.

If you have Greek Identity Card, the data you can update are:

  1. Identity certification
  2. Income (VAT number and incomes)
  3. Contact Details (Home address, communication address, contact number, email)
  4. Profession (Occupation and work address)

A prerequisite is the declaration of at least your mobile phone number at the National Notification Center (, if you have not already declare it.

Alternatively, if you don’t have taxisnet credentials or you don’t remember them you may choose to submit the documents required to update items 2, 3 and 4 online by attaching the necessary certification documents *.

Update personal data through attaching documents

Υou have the ability to submit electronically the documents required for updating your contact details after a possible amendment without having to visit a branch.

You can update or certify the following personal data:

  1. VAT number and income
  2. Home address, mail address and contact number
  3. Occupation and work address

*If you are resident abroad, the documents should be translated into Greek or English and certified by the Greek Embassy or the Greek Consulate or the Notary Public of the country or by an official Greek Public Authority.

Portfolio Table

Νow you can apply and receive the Table with the products of your portfolio following simple steps, through winbank web banking from the menu Purchases & Applications and through winbank mobile app from the menu Services management.

The Portfolio Table is given for every legal use.

Aggregation of Other Banks’ Products

Now you can have an overall view of the accounts* and cards held on other banks, from one point, at winbank. The new functionality “Aggregation of Other Banks’ Products”, enables you to have a view of your above products’ balances you have in other banks (Alpha Bank, Eurobank and National Bank of Greece), as long as you have active credentials for the web banking service of the Bank you wish to connect.

Thus, you have even better control on your finances.

You can activate the service through winbank web banking, from the home page, “At a Glance” or from the profile menu if you select “Purchases & Applications/ Aggregation of Other Banks’ Products”.

* Payment accounts as defined from PSDII Service Directive.

PSD2 Service Directive - What Changes

From now on in order to conduct transactions at winbank web banking every transactions should be authorized. Transaction authorization will be performed through a push notification at winbank mobile app or alternatively with an extraPIN delivered through Viber or SMS to the mobile phone number you have declared to the bank.

Your transactions quick & easy

Using winbank web banking you can carry out your transactions 24/7 hours a day, in a convenient way from the comfort of your desktop wherever you are.

Wide range of transactions

  • Payments to more than 600 vendors
  • Loan and credit card payment
  • Transfers and remittances
  • IRIS payment with mobile or TIN
  • Instant Cash through "Lefta sto Lepto"
  • Stock-exchange transactions
  • Entertainment & Digital content

New online products and portfolio management

  • e-Loan by winbank, a consumer loan
  • online debit card, credit card and WEBUY Prepaid Card issuance
  • Account opening
  • Pay & Save saving service activation
  • Product management, such as setting card limits, temporarily Card Block/Unblock
  • e-Administrative Fee issuance & payment
  • winbank alerts acquisition and management

Online credentials management

  • Reset your Password
  • Retrieve your Username
  • Unlock your access

Lower fees

  • Transactions carried out at winbank have lower or no fees.

Transaction Security

  • Your access to winbank web banking requires your personal winbank credentials, details that only you are aware of
  • Advanced security systems certified by international providers guarantee the safety of your transactions
  • Recognized encryption protocols guarantee your transactions’ privacy and protection of your personal data
  • Access to Piraeus Bank system is controlled through firewall, which prevents access to both the system and databases by using confidential and encrypted data.

Get informed on winbank web banking Service Security.

Quality Policy

Our vision is to enable all our customers having access to our products and services, which is offered through all the available digital service channels.

You can view our quality policy here.