Use your card safely

  • Your card is strictly personal. Never give or borrow it to anyone, even relatives and never share card’s details with third parties.
  • Once you have received your PIN, please memorize it and then destroy the slip on which it was written on and given you by the Bank.
  • Do not note the PIN anywhere (not even on your mobile phone) and do not keep it along with your card.
  • Never reveal your PIN to anyone, even if someone claims to be a bank’s representative employee or associate. Piraeus Bank will never ask you for PIN. The Bank does not keep PIN cards record numbers
  • If the PIN given to you by the Bank, seems to be difficult to remember, you can change it with one that you may remember more easily, through winbank (web & mobile app) or at a Piraeus Bank ATM.
  • Avoid using common numbers such as birthdays, phone numbers, etc. for your cards PINs
  • Please try to change your card PIN often, especially if you suspect that someone else may know it.
  • Check daily to see whether you still have your card.
  • Ensure that you have received your card and receipt after every transaction
  • Check your account activity regularly and notify the Bank immediately of any doubtful charges


  • Make sure you cover your hand when entering your PIN, so that it is not visible to third parties, during your ATM transaction.
  • Never reveal your PIN and never give your card to third parties, who offer to help you during your transaction, even if you are having difficulties.
  • Make sure you have received your card after your transaction, take your money and your receipt and check them before leaving.
  • In case of any problem occurs, please contact Piraeus Bank by calling +30 210 32 88 000, from Greece and abroad
  • In case you are abroad and need to make a withdrawal in a currency other than Euro, check if it is supported by looking for the logo of your card organization (Visa/Mastercard) at the ATM. Otherwise, check with the local Bank whose ATM you are trying to withdraw from. You can also visit the websites of the Visa & Mastercard Organizations for more information.

When shopping

At commercial stores

  • Most transactions in businesses are now contactless. Especially for low value transactions, you do not need to enter the PIN to POS machine to complete them.
  • If the PIN is necessary to complete a transaction, please do not reveal it to the merchant employee or other third party and enter it by yourself in the pos terminal.
  • If the pos terminal does not support contactless transactions and it is necessary the card insertion in the slot of the pos terminal, please ask to insert it yourself, otherwise make sure you always have eye contact with your card.
  • When the transaction is completed, please always check the pay slip on which your card details are written. Take along the copy of the transaction receipt by the merchant and keep them until you check the charge in your account is correctly.
  • When leaving the merchant, make sure that you have received your Card.

On the Internet

  • When you shop online with cards the transactions are now completed with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), by accepting push notifications thru winbank mobile app or entering winbank web banking personal codes, in combination with sending extraPIN.
  • For your security, never reveal your passwords (winbank, quick login PIN, etc.) to anyone, even if someone claims to be a bank representative. Piraeus Bank will never ask you for them.
  • When you make online purchases, the winbank (web & mobile) electronic banking codes are registered on a special page of Piraeus Bank and never in online stores pages where the transaction takes place.
  • Piraeus Bank implements advanced technology systems and recognized security protocols, to ensure your secure access to winbank services, which ensure also your online transactions, according to specifications.
  • In case of any problem occurs, please contact Piraeus Bank by calling +30 210 32 88 000, from Greece and abroad.