How to Use your Debit Card Safely

  • Your card is strictly personal. Do not give it to anyone, even relatives
  • Always sign the back of the card as soon as you receive it.
  • Memorise your PIN as soon as you receive it and then destroy the slip it was written on 
  • Do not write or stick your PIN on your card.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone, even if they claim to be a Piraeus Bank associate. Piraeus Bank will never ask for your PIN 
  • If you think that the PIN we gave you is hard to memorise, you can replace it with an easier one through the transactions menu at any Piraeus Bank ATM. Avoid using your date of birth or address as your PIN.
  • Do not disclose your card details to anyone
  • Check daily to see whether you still have your card 
  • Ensure that you have received your card and receipt after every transaction
  • Check your account activity regularly and notify the Bank immediately of any doubtful charges


  • When entering your PIN, cover the PIN pad with your free hand
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone. Never give your card to people who offer to help you during a transaction, even if you are having difficulties
  • Change your PIN regularly, especially if you suspect someone knows it 
  • In case of any problem, contact Piraeus Bank calling on +30 210 3288000 from Greece and abroad.

When shopping

  • Enter your PIN yourself at the merchant's EFT/POS terminal. Do not reveal your PIN to the store employee or anyone else, during the transaction
  • When entering your PIN, ensure that it is not visible to anyone else
  • Check the payment slip that contains your card details. Keep a copy of the receipt issued by the store
  • Do not lose eye contact with your card, during the transaction
  • Ensure you have taken the right card before leaving the point of sale
  • Do not send anyone your card details by fax, email, etc