How to get a Piraeus Bank credit card

Get the credit card that suits you in 3 simple steps via winbank!

Choose the card that suits your needs, complete your application online and receive your card, once approved, without visiting a Piraeus Bank branch, exclusively via winbank web banking.

For more information regarding e-card, please click here.

Alternatively, for your application:

    • Call 210 32 88 000
    • Visit any Piraeus Bank branch
In the application form, select the type of card you are interested in and the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice. At this branch, you will sign your application form, submit the required documentation and you will receive your card and PIN.

 1.  For the issuance of a Piraeus Credit Card, in a branch or by phone, you fill in the Application with your details:
    • Personal details
    • Contact details
    • Professional details
    • Financial details

 2.  Sign the application you submitted to a branch or telephone

To do this you need to visit the store of Piraeus Bank that you have chosen in your application. You must have the supporting documents certifying the information in your application, such as:
    • ID card, passport or any other form of ID
    • A recent tax clearance certificate
    • The latest payroll receipt ( if you are an employee)
    • The quarterly pension statement or the latest pension receipt(if you are a pensioner)
Important Note: Ιf you have not updated your personal data in Piraeus Bank recently, you will have to submit additional supporting documents

 3.  Piraeus Bank examines your application based on the credit policy, and the supporting documents you submitted.
Once it is approved, your card is being issued and sent to the branch you selected in your application form. The branch notifies you, when you can receive your card. It usually takes 5 to 10 working days to approve your application and issue your card.

 4.  You receive your card along with the relevant terms and conditions. You will also receive the PIN, needed for transactions, from the branch you selected in your application form. Your card is not activated yet. To use it, you must first activate it.

 5.  Activate the card you got either via winbank or from a Bank branch, at any Piraeus Bank ATM or by phone. For security reasons, the system prompts you to change your PIN.

Once you activate your card, you can use it for purchases, payments and cash advances from ATMs in Greece or abroad.