Use your Debit Card, instead of cash!

  • Enjoy extra security, due to incorporated chip technology,
  • enjoy faster transactions, due to contactless technology, without leaving your card out of your hands, which is the most ideal payment method, particularly for small value transactions* as you do not have to enter your personal PIN. You do not need “petit cash” any more!
    *due to PSD2 directive, all contactless transactions up to the amount of €50 each and up to the cumulative amount of €150 do not require entering a PIN at a POS terminal
  • control your expenses, as you do not need to carry cash with you. Use your Debit Card, instead of cash, for your everyday needs and purchases (supermarket, gas stations, restaurants etc.), without having to plan your day needs in advance,
  • have your purchases debited to your account, connected to your card
  • save time while shopping, without queues and delays,
  • control your own money, by accessing your saving accounts, via winbank web banking & winbank phone banking, whenever you want, wherever you are,
  • enter your debit card PIN, have access to winbank phone banking and make telephone payments or banking and stock trading transactions.

Quick & Easy purchases, anytime, anywhere!