Use AB Plus Mastercard® cards by Piraeus Bank for all your purchases and come out a winner every time you shop!

AB Plus Mastercard Cards

Piraeus Bank in cooperation with AB created AB Plus Mastercard® cards and offer you a unique reward scheme.

AB Plus Mastercard Credit and AB Plus Mastercard Debit cards are connected to AB Plus loyalty scheme and add more value to all your purchases by speeding up the process of earning AB Plus points!

Earn AB Plus points with all your purchases!

With AB Plus Mastercard cards, from Piraeus Bank, you earn AB Plus points from all your purchases and even more points from your purchases at AB stores.

The points you collect when you use your AB Plus Mastercard® cards are added to the points that you already collected with your AB Plus loyalty card.

You may redeem the points you have accrued in discounts (100 points for a €3 discount or 200 points for a €6 discount) or in free products of your choice from a regularly updated list, in line with the terms and conditions of the AB Plus loyalty scheme.

Furthermore, your AB Plus loyalty card barcode is printed on the backside of your AB Plus Mastercard card and you collect your AB Plus loyalty points, by using only one card at AB stores.

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*ΑΒ Plus loyalty scheme is a voluntary provision of AB to the clients of AB. AB may define the products that participate and provide points based on their value, according to AB commercial policy.