Mobility impaired customers

Piraeus bank took important actions in enhancing the level of accessibility at the branches for its customers who face mobility and physical disabilities. Even though most of the branches are fully accessible, in some case there are stairs or other physical barriers. For this reason, the Bank has installed ramps (fixed concrete or mobile) or wheelchair lifts, wherever is applicable.

Services for people with mobility impairment:

  • Initiate a new banking relationship from the mobile phone and get a bank account, debit card and winbank in less than 15 minutes, through the “Digital Onboarding” service. The process is completed remotely via a video call and without requiring a visit to a branch.
  • Remote signing of documents/ contracts via winbank web banking.
  • Cashier transactions using the “Remote Teller”. The service is available at the branches equipped with the VTS (Virtual Teller Station), a machine with easily accessible height.
  • Plenty of space to move around comfortably inside the branch.
  • Guidance by a customer service representative during their visit at the branch.