Green Branches & Points

Piraeus Bank has Green Points in all its branches, as well as 42 Green Branches specialising in Green Banking for Individuals and Businesses. Benefit from our knowledge and experience:

  • We offer well-documented and clear information, being aware of your own needs
  • We share our technical know-how which is necessary for your project
  • We advise you on our green services

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Green solutions

Piraeus Bank Green Banking offers many options for all your green needs. The Green Banking Advisors at our Green Points will help you learn more about the green philosophy and the solutions that promote it. Share your thoughts and goals with us. To achieve them, we will find together how to make the most of the green solution that matches your needs:

  • Energy homes – new buildings and green envelope upgrades, such as thermal insulation, thermal break frames and low-e glass panes.
  • Home photovoltaic systems or solar parks.
  • Energy savings through green purchases – installation of low-energy electromechanical equipment, such as new burners or boilers and geothermal heating systems
  • Energy inspectors and financing for relative services
  • Personalised solutions depending on your green needs

Green entrepreneurship

We have audiovisual equipment at our green branches so you can have a direct, personal, detailed and specialised discussion with our Green Experts. This way, we help you get a valid understanding of your options and evaluate the potential return on your investment. Our common goal is to support your investment. We seek to get you a sustainable ROI by environmental and social criteria in every area of green entrepreneurship you might be interested in:

  • Photovoltaic systems – investments in small- and large-scale projects or even international project
  • Other renewable energy sources – investments in small- and large-scale projects or even international projects.
  • Energy savings – investments in buildings for energy performance upgrades.
  • Organic Farming – investments across the supply chain of organic produce, from crop to shelf.
  • Other green entrepreneurship areas – investments in green transports, alternative waste management, rational water management and green chemistry.

Technical Know-how

Our Green Points offer access to the specialised technical know-how required to ensure the operational and financial success of your investment. This is why our Green Banking experts are there to guide you every step of the way, from obtaining a licence to completing your project.