I am a Customer – Service though Proxy

Service though Proxy

If it is not possible for you to visit Greece, then you have the option to appoint a representative by proxy, who will visit the branch instead of you, provide all required documents and sign necessary forms.

You will need to take the following steps:

  1. Contact a relative or friend, or a lawyer in Greece, who will agree to represent you.
  2. Visit, either a Greek consular office, or a notary public in your country of residence, to draw up a power of attorney and validate a copy of your passport or identity card.
    It is noted that for Canada, the power of attorney can only be drawn up at the Greek Embassy and Consular Offices.
  3. Ensure that the predefined text is included in the proxy.
  4. Choose the text that meets your needs:

  5. If you choose to have the proxy at a notary public, they you should ensure that the proxy has The Hague Apostille, provided by the notary public.
  6. Send all the documents required, together with the proxy and a validated copy of your passport/ ID card to your representative in Greece.
  7. Your representative will present all documents at a Piraeus bank branch. Upon completion of documents’ checks, your representative will sign all necessary forms. Please note that you will also need to be available by phone, in order to complete the required processes.