Supporting Documents Required for Mortgage Loan Financial Pre-approval

A1. For Financial Pre-approval

  • Greek ID card
  • Latest income tax return form. If you have not received your latest income tax return form, you must submit a solemn statement declaring that you will submit the form within one month from the date of receipt
  • For salaried employees/pensioners, recent annual income certificate or the last payroll/pension slip
  • For freelance professionals, documents for the last 2 financial years proving the turnover of the sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited company, etc. (E3 or E5 form)
  • Copy of latest E1 form (*)
  • Copy of E9 form and any amendments to it (*)
  • Copy of E2 form showing income from properties (*)
  • In case you have a loan with another bank/institution, the last 2 loan statements to facilitate the approval of your loan
  • Recent family status certificate
  • Law 1599 solemn statement declaring this is your first home, etc, as per the Bank’s template
  • In case of building/finishing a home, an estimate of the nominal value and the building permit
  • For dependent children aged between 18 and 25, a course attendance certificate. For private educational institutes, the Government Gazette issue proving that it is a state-recognised institute. For foreign universities, an attendance certificate translated into Greek by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • In case you own a property in an area with a population under 3,000, a certificate from the competent Municipality to this effect
  • For unmarried children with over 67% disability, the disability certificate
  • Σε In case of divorce, the divorce papers and the court decision regarding custody of any underage children
  • In case of widows/widowers, the death certificate

(*) Simple copies accompanied by a solemn statement to the Bank certifying the accuracy of the written information