Overall APR Example

The Overall APR would be 28,27% for full disbursement of a total credit amount of €6,000, with repayment in 12 equal, uninterrupted, monthly instalments that repay interest and capital, with the first instalment to be paid one month after the full disbursement of the loan, €200 loan approval fees, €70 annual fee and a variable interest rate, which would be the sum of the Base Consumer Loan Rate, currently at 10.50%, plus a 5.25% spread (plus the Law 128/1975 levy, currently at 0.60%).The variable interest rate is readjusted based on the fluctuations of the Euribor 1M rate. This readjustment may also differ by + 0.5% in addition to the fluctuations. Note that the Overall APR mentioned above is just an example, solely based on the data provided.