Your dream for a new home is the greatest story of all. And we are here to support it.

Acquire your dream house with a mortgage loan by Piraeus Bank, offered now through a quick disbursement process!

Apply and take advantage of:

  • financial pre-approval within 48 hours
  • fixed interest rate from 2.70%* for 3 years
  • financing up to 90%** and zero application fee in case of first residence
  • additional liquidity up to €40,000 through consumer loan with a preferential fixed interest rate at 9.90% *** and zero loan application assessment fee

Schedule your appointment at a Piraeus branch to receive the home loan quote that best suits your needs.

*plus levy of Law 128/75, currently 0.12%
**max loan amount €500,000 and at least one borrower up to 50 years old
***plus levy of Law 128/75, currently 0.60%

Schedule an appointment at a Piraeus branch and apply for a mortgage loan.

Mortgage loan up to 500.000€ for the purchase or construction of a first residence:

  • financing up to 90% of the commercial value of the property and up to the contract amount,
  • zero loan application assessment fees
  • fixed interest rate starting at 2.70% for 3 years and then variable interest rate based on Euribor 1-month rate plus a margin starting at 1.75%.

Alternatively, you can choose a fixed rate for a longer period or a variable rate loan.

At least one of the borrowers should be less than 50 years old at the time of the application.

For more information on the full range of mortgage schemes, click here.

The interest rate/margin is set exclusively for you, after the Bank has assessed your application in accordance with its current credit policy, taking into account factors such as your transaction behavior, the collateral provided, the amount and the duration of the loan.

The above interest rates / margins are subject to a levy under Law 128/75, currently 0,12%.

Indicative Example of Total Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR)

  • Loan amount: €50,000
  • Security: mortgage on property
  • Repayment period: 10 years (120 monthly instalments)
  • Interest rate: fixed 2.70% for 3 years and then floating linked to Euribor 1M (3.60% on 17/6/2024), plus a margin of 1.75% (the above interest rates are subject to a levy of Law 128/75, currently 0.12%)
  • Origination fees: 0 €
  • Cost of legal inspection: €50
  • Costs of legal audit: 150 €
According to the above data, the following apply:
  • Monthly instalment: 541,40€
  • Total amount to be paid: 65.178,40€
  • APR: 5.68%

Please note that the APR was calculated on the basis of the highest interest rate mentioned above, i.e. the variable interest rate, assuming that it remains at the same level for the entire duration of the contract. It is clarified that the APR, the monthly instalment and the total amount to be paid are given for illustrative purposes only and are derived only on the assumption that the above-mentioned data will be available. Please note that the mandatory insurance of the mortgaged property against Fire/Earthquake risks is calculated using as insured capital the reconstruction value of the property.

The Bank offers a group insurance policy with an insurance company of her choice, but you can also provide an individual insurance policy from an insurance company of the borrower's choice, approved and assigned by the Bank, in accordance with her policies and procedures.

The above example does not include the cost of insurance against Fire/Earthquake risks of the mortgaged property.

A default on the loan agreement may have legal or financial consequences for the borrower.

You can use the fast disbursement process to speed up your loan even before the final transcription of your contract to the land registry.

To activate the process you will need:

  • special conditions embedded in the house contract, according to the template we will provide
  • Proof of deposit of the contract to be transferred or the certificate of transcription at the Land Registry
  • a special power of attorney from a notary, in accordance to the template we will provide
  • Life insurance in our group insurance policy

To complete the procedure, you must be represented by a lawyer a partner of the bank, who will charge an additional fee (detailed information from your service branch).

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Get your mortgage loan and apply for additional liquidity with preferential terms, up to €40.000 and cover your new home initial expenses.


  • Low Fixed interest rate 9.90% *
  • Zero loan application assessment fee
  • Without prenotation or other collaterals

*The Overall APR example for:

(Overall APR): 11,03% for loan amount 10.000€, total term of 72 months, zero application assessment fee and fixed rate at 9,90% plus the Law Ν.128/75 levy, 0,6%.