e-PPS SEPA Mass Payments Service

The e-PPS SEPA service offers you the ability to submit and send your mass payments in Euro within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) electronically.

The e-PPS SEPA application is offered to you free of charge and allows you to enter your payment’s details to an electronic file formatted in line with bank’s technical specifications.

The service underpins your mass payments in Euro currency within Piraeus Bank or in any other financial institution within the Single European Payment Area ‘’SEPA’’, achieving the unified management of your payments while enjoying effective and quality service.

How you benefit

  • Save time and reduce overheads
  • Excellent and qualitative service
  • Process optimization
  • Easy access, installation and usage of the application
  • Ability to make your payments without any restrictions on amount
  • Various ways to send the file to the bank
  • High transaction security
  • Immediate and continuous information regarding the execution of payment orders
  • Option to print an advice slip along with a swift confirmation for every executed payment order with detailed information, such as the amount and the transaction fees

How e-PPS SEPA mass payments are made

The e-PPS SEPA application allows you to create multiple entries by just completing specific fields concerning the details of each payment (beneficiary’s name, IBAN, amount, details of payment). The application exclusively supports payments in euro currency.

Then an encrypted file is generated which is sent to Piraeus bank in order to be executed. The file transfer can be achieved using the below options:

  • Through winbank web banking
  • Through branch
  • Through FTPS Serverr

Should the file is accepted by the bank; all your payments are executed automatically.

How e-PPS SEPA application is installed

The app can be installed from the winbank environment by clicking the relevant link and following the instructions. These can be found at:


or alternatively by clicking the below link where you can find the e-PPS SEPA application and the User Guide:

e-PPS SEPA Application