Incoming Remittances

Receive a remittance order from abroad and inside the country, in euro or foreign currencies, through Piraeus Bank’s Incoming Remittance Service. Collect your money from your customers, your suppliers and various debts of third parties, from worldwide. Choose high transaction level security for the electronic receipt of your funds.


  • Simple procedure, without unnecessary movements
  • Receiving money from worldwide
  • Receiving funds with safety via a technologically advanced payment system
  • Same day credit of your account (remittances in Euro currency, when they received within the Bank΄s cut off time).
  • Ability of direct and continuous information regarding to your account credits via notifications (alerts)
  • High transaction level security to receive your money and to transfer your personal and banking data.

Why I should use Incoming Remittance Service

If you wish to collect your money from your associates and other various debtors in Greece or abroad, to be able to monitor them at any time, and to have a complete and detailed view of your account through winbank web banking and mobile banking service of Piraeus Bank, choose the Incoming Remittance Service and your Piraeus Bank account, to receive your money and to manage your collections electronically.