Securing my business

Discover the unique insurance solutions offered by Piraeus Financial Holdings in collaboration with leading Insurance Companies, that fit companies active in the sector of tourism, such as contemporary insurance products for Hotels, Rooms to let, Restaurants/Café, Tourist offices and Tourist Shops.

Piraeus Financial Holdings SA, as an insurance intermediary, carries out the distribution of insurance products, in the name and on behalf of the insurance companies with which it cooperates.

For every insurance need you might have, we have the right solution. Specifically:

  • My Business (Business Property Insurance)

  • Insurance program in collaboration with ERGO Insurance Company, which ensures the unobstructed operation of your Business with effective coverage against crucial risks it may need to face like fire, earthquake, weather conditions, theft.

  • My Business Liability

  • Insurance program in collaboration with ERGO Insurance Company that covers your mandatory by law Business Liability, as well as your employees’. The program offers coverage against claims (Bodily injuries/ Death or/and material damages) that may happen to third parties, including food poisoning, due to the usage or the operation of your business facilities.

  • Business Liability for Tour Operator

  • Integrated insurance program for Business Liability in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN Insurance Company, that covers you in case of wrong acts or omissions during your professional practice, that can reverse the smooth execution of a scheduled trip.

  • Immediate Medical Assistance

  • Personal assistance program in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN Insurance Company, that ensures prompt and effective assistance, for your clients, in case of urgent health incidents due to accident or sudden illness. Also, it provides coordination, coverage and effective completion of their medical transportation.
PIRAEUS TOURISM 360° is available to Small and Medium Enterprises that are active in the sector of Tourism.

The products and services included in Piraeus TOURISM 360 °and special pricing, where applicable, can be reviewed annually on 01/04 and 01/10.