Integration’s Criteria

Customers’ integration’s criteria:

  • Business account or Emporikos Account
  • winbank
  • Debit Card (for enterprises or individuals)
  • Acquiring relationship with the Bank

Due to the preferential pricing for products and services, the following should be met for the next12 months from the date of accession:

 1.  The 4 integration products
 2.  Transactional relationship conditions:
    • 12,000 € minimum turnover of POS
    • b. 70,000 € annual deposits in Business and Commercial accounts,
      which can be aggregated from (a) card transactions from POS (b) incoming remittances and
      (c) transfers in Bank from third party.

In case the above is not observed, an annual commission will be charged (according to the applicable Purchasing Invoice of the Bank).

Ability to withdraw from the package without charging the annual commission if it takes place within three months of accession.

In case of withdrawal from the package after the end of the first quarter from the date of the accession, the commission will be charged proportionally, according to the month of withdrawal.