Update of Legal Persons Customers' Details

The Credit Institutions operating in our country are required to keep and verify their Customers' identification and income certification details. They are also required to update from time to time said details based on reliable evidence.

In this context, in order to update your details, you need to visit one of the Piraeus Bank branches with the necessary supporting documents.

The identity of Legal Persons of any form (companies, associations, organizations, institutions, etc.), either domestic or foreign, shall be certified by producing the appropriate legal and tax documentation, in order to ascertain the Legal Person's company name, registered head office, subject, way of representation and share capital composition.

The Legal Persons' income and tax residence(s) shall be evidenced by producing the appropriate tax documents.

At the same time, it is also required to fully certify and verify the identity of any Natural Persons, who are associated to the Legal Person,
such as:

  • legal representatives, and
  • shareholders or beneficial owners, as emerging from either the legitimization documents or by the respective statement of the company's legal representative, when it is required to produce it according to the current applicable procedures.

The required supporting documents to certify and verify the identity of any Natural Persons, associated to the Legal Person can be found here.

For more information the relevant institutional obligation of banking institutions you can search on the information brochure
«Have you introduced yourself?».

Note: As regards the aforementioned Natural Persons, it is not required to certify their income by means of an income tax slip, it might be however necessary to state and verify their tax residence.