Be PCI Compliant

The certification process

Your business can be certified by answering a questionnaire that is differentiated depending on an enterprise’s sector, transaction type (card not present or card present) and the annual number of card transactions.

Any enterprise, regardless its size, which completes card transactions should be PCI DSS compliant. Being PCI compliant will help your business to avoid security breaches by impoving your internal processes. Facts show that enterprises that are PCI compliant are less likely to be targeted by hackers.

To ease the certification process, Piraeus Bank, in cooperation with Trustwave (cybersecurity service provider with global presence), provides you access to the Trustwave portal through which you will answer the self-assessment questionnaire (depending your sector, card acceptance method and number of transactions) and acquire the PCI certification.

If you would like to acquire access to the self-assessment portal you can contact us at 18 28 380 or 210 38 98 954 from landline or mobile.