Farmer Payments

The Piraeus Bank batch payments service for farmers allows you to make payments for all business activities and operations. The service allows you to collect all payments in Greece into a single file, irrespective of whether they are aimed at holders of accounts with Piraeus Bank or other banks.

VAT refund payments to farmers

This service allows you to make VAT refund payments to growers, by debiting a special VAT account and applying batch credits to growers’ accounts whether with Piraeus Bank or other banks. This service is 100% in line with the statutory framework and complies with all the necessary order execution specifications. Payments are immediate and secure.

Payments for agricultural products

This service allows you to pay growers who are members of cooperatives for the cost of agricultural products, whenever you want. Batch payments are made based on files and can cover payments of any number or size. Growers’ accounts at Piraeus Bank or another bank are credited rapidly and securely.

Supplier payments

Using our batch credit/debit service you can make payments to your suppliers whenever you want. This requires files listing the suppliers you choose to pay in each case, the amount payable and the time of payment. Payments can be made to accounts held with Piraeus Bank or another bank, using automated procedures that ensure rapid, easy, convenient transactions.

How you benefit

Save time and reduce overheads

Use this service to batch manage payments, without restrictions on the amount or number of entries in the file. Speed up transaction times while retaining direct control over payments. Make immediate, low-cost batch payments by following the straightforward procedure.

In addition, scheduling your batch payments in this way by sending a file guarantees you lower fees than those for traditional remittances sent in-branch.

Data is checked by the system and transactions are secure.

The filed-based batch credit/debit service automatically checks the data in the file to ensure that the IBAN accounts are valid and that they match the stated beneficiaries to ensure that details match. If invalid accounts are identified as part of these checks, you are automatically notified about the results.

The online checks performed when payments are being made ensure transactions are safe and make it easier for you to get information about payments that were in fact made.

Monitor your payments

Use this service and get immediate updates about transactions entered into. Information is sent in the form of electronic response files that include overall and specific data about each payment. Electronic response files are easy to process and are supported by the software applications used by customers to monitor payments.