New Contract Farming agreement between Piraeus Bank and Olympic Brewery (FIX)

Piraeus Bank continues to consistently and dynamically support efforts to bolster the rural economy and improve rural incomes with another Contract Farming agreement with Olympic Brewery (FIX). This is the 12th such agreement Piraeus Bank has concluded and gives barley growers all the liquidity required when they need it, allowing them to achieve better deals and increase their profit margin.

This allows barley growers to meet contractual obligations without problems, delays or financing problems. Membership in this specific programme also offers them additional safeguards when it comes to potential crop losses due to weather conditions. This coverage goes beyond that provided by the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organisation. This once again confirms Piraeus Bank’s commitment to showcasing the dynamism and potential of the Greek countryside, by developing specialised products and services tailored to the needs of farmers and livestock farmers.