The history of tobacco in modern history of Greece

On Sunday September 7th at 19:00 the exhibition “Tobacco 101 notes on oriental tobacco” is inaugurated at the Piraeus Bank Conference Centre in Thessaloniki, carried out with the support of Piraeus Bank and its Cultural Foundation. Through objects, documents and photos, visitors have the opportunity to run through the history of tobacco and a significant part of modern Greece.


The exhibition presents oriental tobacco as a multidimensional commercial good, through a historical approach and different perspectives. Besides, tobacco is still one of the most valuable export agricultural products of our country, since Greek tobacco was and is among the best worldwide, as far as quality is concerned.

 It is worth mentioning that labor in the sector of tobacco processing and industrial production of cigarettes has contributed to the development of cities like Kavala, Drama, Xanthi and Thessaloniki. It has affected the formation of new social classes and has contributed, among others, to the development of industry, commerce and the banking sector. Through the rare objects of foreign collections, evidence from the state archives, as well as photographic material from private and public collections, all these different functions of tobacco are highlighted.

The exhibition is curated by architect Spyros Flevaris and the historical study by the Associate Professor of NTUA Maria Rentetzi. In the exhibition also participates the Historical Archive of the Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation, by presenting evidence of industrial heritage regarding the construction of modernized tobacco warehouses in the city of Kavala in the postwar period.


Duration of Exhibition: Sunday September 7th – Sunday November 2nd 2014
Visiting hours: Weekdays: 08:00 - 21:00, Saturday: 11:00 - 14:00, Sunday: 18:00 - 21:00


Piraeus Bank Conference Centre  

12 – 14 Katouni str., Ladadika, tel. 2310.385.651, 385.661


 Athens, September 4th 2014