Multicurrency Services

Only Piraeus Paycenter’s e-payment services support transactions in foreign currency, covering the needs of businesses that are active in non-eurozone countries.

Double advantage

Multicurrency services offer you the option of displaying and executing your business transactions solely in the currency that suits you:


Alphabetic Currency Code Numeric Currency Code Currency - EN Countries and locations of circulation
AED   784   United Arab Emirates dirham   United Arab Emirates
ALL   008   Albanian lek   Albania
BGN   975   Bulgarian lev   Bulgaria
BRL   986   Brazilian real   Brazil
CHF   756   Swiss franc   Switzerland, Liechtenstein
CNY   156   Chinese yuan   People’s Republic of China
CZK   203   Czech koruna   Czech Republic
DKK   208   Danish krone   Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Greenland
EGP   818   Egyptian pound   Egypt
HRK   191   Croatian kuna   Croatia
ILS   376   Israeli new sheqel   Israel
INR   356   Indian rupee   Bhutan, India
PLN   985   Polish złoty   Poland
RSD   941   Serbian dinar   Serbia
RUB   643   Russian rouble   Russia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia
UAH   980   Ukrainian hryvnia   The Ukraine
AUD   036   Australian Dollar   Australia
CAD   124   Canadian Dollar   Canada
DKK   208   Danish Krone   Denmark
GBP   826   Pound Sterling   United Kingdom
NOK   578   Norwegian Krone   Norway
SEK   752   Swedish Krona   Sweden
TRY   949   Turkish Lira   Turkey
USD   840   US Dollar   USA
RON   946   Romanian LEU   Romania


This option:

  • Facilitates your customers – They can pay for products and services in a currency familiar to them. The charges in their card will also appear in this currency

  • Facilitates your business – Your account will always be credited in euro when collecting payments for goods and services

Competitive edge for commercial businesses

Commercial businesses managing transactions in different currencies gain a strong competitive edge. Research has shown that Multicurrency services significantly increase Shopping Cart Conversion Rate and reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment.