Direct Debit Payments

Direct Debit Payments allows you to save time and effort by automatically paying off your recurring financial obligations!


Through Direct Debit Payments, you can automate your bill payments to be executed on their due date without delay, while at the same time you will continue to receive your bill statements, indicating that they are paid off via Piraeus Bank.

You can set Direct Debit Payments to pay all of your main financial obligations, such as Payments for Energy, Telephony/Internet, Water/Sewerage, Insurance Companies, Public Services, etc., by debiting your deposit account or credit card.


Setting a Direct Debit Payment provides you with:

  • Automation of your regular financial obligations payment
  • Tax-free limit building through the majority of payments as they are carried out electronically
  • Additional Information about your active Direct Debit Payments via winbank alerts service
  • Accumulation of 25 yellows for each successful utility / insurance bill payment via debiting your deposit account [provided that you are enrolled in the yellow Rewards Program]

Pricing and Activating Service

Activate a Direct Debit Payment easily via winbank web & phone banking or via any Piraeus Bank branch.

The service cost, as applicable, is available at any Piraeus Bank Branch.