Piraeus Gold

Piraeus Gold. The exclusive point of service for all Gold products and services. Piraeus Gold in Athens, is located within the branch at 16 Panepistimiou Street, the Piraeus Gold in Heraklion Crete, is located within the branch at 62,  25th of August Street & Koroneou Street and the Piraeus Gold in Thessaloniki is located within the branch at 5, Ionos Dragoumi Street.


  • Immediate customer service for all gold products and services [sale, purchase, appraisal, storage] without a scheduled appointment.
  • Staffed with an expert in the appraisal of Gold Sovereigns and equipped with the latest technology spectrometer.
  • The authenticity and valuation of Gold Sovereigns and Gold Bars is carried out at the same time, in the presence of the customer.
  • Possibility of the Gold Sovereigns and Gold Bars to be placed in custody or directly purchased by the Bank.

Offered services

  • Buy and Sell of Investment Gold. Investment Gold (coin or bar) is world-renowned, widely recognized and is an ideal gift.
  • Gold Sovereigns: Piraeus Bank, is the only commercial bank in Greece active in Gold Products & Services, and is the authorized representative and distributor of the Royal Mint for the sale of Gold Sovereigns in the Greek market.
  • Gold bars: Gold bars are available to customers with certificates of authenticity. The Gold Sovereigns and Gold bars are traded at Piraeus Gold and also in all Piraeus Bank branches.
  • Authenticity checks and Redemption Authentication is done by an expert in the appraisal of Gold Sovereigns and with a latest technology spectrometer. The service is offered whether or not you have made a purchase or sale gold transaction with Piraeus Bank.
  • Storage - In special fully allocated & segregated Gold Accounts The gold storage service eliminates the risks associated with the transportation and storage, and guarantees that the quality features will be preserved intact.