IRIS payments for e commerce

Direct and secure payment in your company's e-shop

IRIS payments

IRIS payments for e commerce, is an alternative solution for electronic payments for e-shop customers that use their internet banking and direct debit their bank account for the payment. The service supports payments via e-banking of Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, National Bank, Eurobank and Viva.

How it works

Upon completion of the order in the company's online store (e Shop), the IRIS payments service also appears as a means of payment.

  • Selects the IRIS payments service as a payment method, through the merchant's website.
  • Selects "Generate QR Code" to scan the QR from their mobile banking or selects their bank and will automatically be taken to the bank's secure e-banking environment.
  • Enters to e banking and after the secure connection appears a screen with the details of the payment.
  • Approves the payment by credit transfer from bank account.
  • Completes the payment.
  • Returns automatic to the company's e shop, where the transaction completion message also appears.

Benefits for the company

  • Immediate notification of the company for the execution of the payment.
  • Guaranteed and irrevocable collection of payment.
  • Provision of an additional and alternative payment method for e shop customers to complete their payments easy and secure.
  • Daily automated clearing report to update the company's systems and accounting settlement for the payments.

Technical Specifications

IRIS payments service operates in Greece with the support of DIAS Interbank Systems.

All companies can join the service. Piraeus Bank provides all the technical specifications and technical support for the necessary implementation in your e shop through the DIAS platform.