Developing my pharmacy

Identify opportunities that fit your business growth plans and get access to proper financing solutions.

Discuss with us the financing solutions that best fit your plans and benefit from the solutions we propose.

  • Piraeus Open Business Working Capital POS, for covering recurring liquidity needs against future receivables from epay POS sales οn preferential terms.
  • Contemporary & specialized Financing Instruments for guaranteed financing in cooperation with National & European Development Institutions, such as the Hellenic Development Bank - HDB, the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund
  • Business E-loan
    Get the liquidity your pharmacy needs, online, anytime and securely from anywhere, with this new business financing tool. Get your Working Capital with privileged features, exclusively through winbank, without visiting a Bank branch.
  • "Integrated Support Framework" for companies that have already joined subsidized programs (eg Recovery and Resilience Fund, Development Law, etc.)
  • Consulting
    Use of the innovative Portal "360o Funding" to find new actions of subsidized programs.
  • Support from a specialized business advisor of the Bank
PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360° is available to Small and Medium-sized Pharmacies.

The products and services offered by PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360°, as well as any special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed at the Bank’s discretion.