Priority Phone Banking

Priority Phone Banking offers you a dedicated call centre where you will not be put on hold. Call the line to directly access your portfolio, get updates and enter into transactions, anytime of the day no matter where you are.

24/7 availability

Our dedicated Priority Phone Banking line operates 24/7, 365 days a year, without putting customers on hold.

Call +30 210 32 88 800 anytime.

Updates and transactions

Call Priority Phone Banking to get updates about your portfolio and enter into transactions. Enter into the following transactions:

  • Check your account balance and activity

  • Receive updates about all products in your portfolio

  • Apply for debit, credit or prepaid cards

  • Issue order for money transfers and remittances

  • Make payments to over 600 agencies and organisations

  • Set up standing orders

  • Buy and sell shares on ATHEX

  • Send up to €600 to the nearest Piraeus Bank ATM, if for any reason you don’t have your debit card with you and you need cash

How to use the service

Follow 2 simple steps to use the Priority Phone Banking services, by calling +30 210 3288800:

 1.     Activate Priority Phone Banking by calling +30 210 3288800 or via your Personal Advisor
         Personal Advisor.

         To activate the service you need to have an active Piraeus Bank debit card and a mobile phone
          mobile phone.

 2.    Call Priority Phone Banking on +30 210 3288800 to get updates about
         your portfolio and enter into transactions.

       To access the service you will need:
    • Your mobile phone number (as a User ID)
    • Your debit card PIN (as a security code, which you can then change)