e-Market Merchant Network

Piraeus Bank develops and reinforces its e-Market associate network with merchants who facilitate the sale of their own products through promoting the Bank’s products and services.

e-Market Associates

The Piraeus Bank e-Market associates network is suitable for:

Consumer good merchants

  • Electric and electronic appliance businesses

  • Bathroom product/homeware merchants

  • Furniture merchants and manufacturers

  • Kitchen furniture merchants

A partnership is feasible only when the businesses have the necessary equipment with the minimum required software:

  • Computer and printer

  • Operating System – English Windows 98 with English Internet Explorer 5, Greek Windows 98 with Greek Internet Explorer 5, Windows NT Workstation 4.0

Scope of partnership

The associates distribute and sell our products and services to their customers:

  • They promote Piraeus Bank products and services and distribute brochures to their customers

  • They offer detailed and accurate information to their customers about our products and services, their features and competitive advantages, as well as their contractual obligations

  • They make sure the customer signs all necessary contracts and then send them to Piraeus Bank

  • They file their customer’s application, collect the necessary supporting documents and immediately send them to the competent Piraeus Bank approval centre

Product categories

We seek partnerships in the following product and service categories:

  • Consumer Loans – Amortisation loan. The loan amount must equal the value of the goods

  • Instant Credit – Card Issuing. The credit limit depends on the value of the goods and the customer’s financial details. The value of the goods is credited to the merchant. The customer may use the card based on the available balance

How our associates benefit

Our e-Market associates enjoy benefits from this partnership:

  • We prioritise the processing and reply to all applications they file

  • We constantly update our associates on new Piraeus Bank products that suit their customers’ profile