Collections via a Call Center

Piraeus Bank offers integrated epay vPOS solutions, which allow businesses to accept payments over the phone.

Remote payments

The epay vPOS service allows you to remotely make payments on behalf of your customers. Use your User ID and password to access a secure web page. Enter your customer’s credit, debit or prepaid card details. Instantly receive approval for the transaction.

How you benefit

  • epay vPOS solutions offer fast and convenient service to customers.
  • The transaction is completed significantly faster than through a physical EFT/POS.
  • No special equipment is necessary. The epay vPOS application is accessible over the internet via a secure connection.
  • One or more users with different access rights, specified by you, may use the epay vPOS service simultaneously.
  • This solution offers advanced capabilities, making it the only solution for multi-user environments, such as call centres.

What cards are acceptable

Piraeus Paycenter supports payments through any Visa and MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid card. In addition, the platform supports payments using Diners and American Express cards, so that you can offer your customers multiple payment options and increase customer satisfaction by the services you offer.

Integration with other applications

VirtualPOS solutions are available through both the web page and web services. This way the call centre collection service may be integrated into:

  • The business’ custom-made applications or applications manufactured by third parties
  • CRM applications
  • ERP platforms, ticketing/reservation
  • Other systems