Collection Account (CLA)

Piraeus Bank’s Collection Account (CLA) allows companies based abroad to collect amounts their associates in Greece owe them.

Who is it for

The Collection Account (CLA) is aimed at foreign businesses and firms whose registered offices are in the European Union but with a large volume of exports to Greece.

How you benefit

There are numerous benefits for the foreign form and the Greek importer from having a Collection Account (CLA).

 1.    For the foreign firm:
    • Debts are collected immediately, in full, without any bank charges being deducted

    • Accounts can be monitored online in real time via winbank,

    • Funds accmulated in the account can be transferred to a bank of your choice,

    • Daily updates sent to company’s bank in its home country about CLA transactions and the available balance.

 2.     For Greek importers:
    • Debt payment procedures are simplified, via the Bank’s extensive network of branches and rates are low

    • Immediate, easy debt payments, free of charge, 24/7 using winbank


The fees for this service are specified in an agreement signed by both parties.