Remittances packages

We at Piraeus Bank, always dedicated on our goal to provide your business with innovative and profitable solutions, offer you the opportunity to perform your payments with privileged pricing, through one of the prepaid remittances packages designed especially for you.

Get the prepaid remittances package that suits best your business needs and benefit from the discount, while performing your payments easily, fast and securely, through the electronic banking channels of Piraeus Bank.

The package offering applies to:

  • remittances in Euro currency within EEA

  • through the electronic banking channels of Piraeus Bank (winbank web banking, winbank business mobile app, Mass Payments through file- e-PPS/e-PPS SEPA)

  • maximum transaction amount 15,000€

The discounted cost of the package applies on payment’s basic commission.

Prepaid remittances packages offer you*:

  • 150 remittances for 120.00€

  • 250 remittances for 200.00€

  • 350 remittances for 280.00€

  • 500 remittances for 400.00€

* The transactions of each package must be executed within one year from purchase date. In case of consumption of remittances included in the package, the pricing of each subsequent remittance will be according to the General Pricing Policy of Piraeus Bank.

For further information regarding the product and the activation process, you may contact Piraeus Bank’s Transaction Banking at mailgroup or you may call 210-9294105 or 216-4001547. The offer will be available until 31/12/2021. After the activation of the package, you may have a view of the number of executed transactions, through winbank web banking.