Hearing impaired customers

Piraeus bank offers specialized services to the deaf or hard of hearing customers, to support them at their daily transactions and promote easy access to the banking services.

Services for people with hearing impairment:

  • Remote initiation of a new banking relationship via the mobile phone and obtainment of a bank account, a debit card and winbank web banking in less than 15 minutes, through the “Digital Onboarding” service. The service is offered by Piraeus Bank representatives trained in the Greek Sign Language.
  • Cashier transactions with the “Remote Teller” service which is available at the branches that are equipped with the VTS (Virtual Teller Station) machine. The remote tellers are trained in the basic principles of Greek Sign Language.
  • Interactive touchscreen with information on the available machines and transactions offered at the e-branch and the new branch model.
  • Use of winbank’s virtual assistant service, which is available 24/7, and offers instant replies to predefined questions regarding transactions performed through winbank.