epay eCommerce Services

The epay eCommerce platform enables you to handle the payments at your e-shop in the way that best suits your needs:

Interface options


Your business keeps no record of the card used in the transaction. This facilitates compliance with the PCI validation process.

Virtual POS

Your customers enjoy a uniform user experience when navigating through and using your e-shop.

Mass charging

The ideal solution for businesses with advanced security and customer management systems, as well as special requirements and needs.

Payment methods

Card Payments

The epay eCommerce platform enables you to handle the payments with cards at your e-shop with maximum security according to your needs.

IRIS online payments

Let your customers pay directly through the web banking service of their choice.

Relevant Services


Offer your international customers the ability to pay in their own currency.

epay One-Click-Pay

Allow your customers to make online purchases with a single click.

Management Tools

Piraeus Bank provides contemporary management tools to your business, for all the automated collection solutions it offers.

Secure Payments

PCI DSS Compliance

Piraeus Bank ensures the safety of the transactions and the enhaces the security of the card data managed by your business.

3D Secure

Payment authentication Services through Visa Secure και Mastercard Identity Check. 3D-Secure services further shield your business from fraudulent transactions and the risk they entail.

Connect to epay platform in 6 simple steps.