Extranet Alternative Associate Network

Piraeus Bank develops alternative associate networks through partnerships with businesses. These networks complement and enhance the distribution and promotion of the Bank’s banking products and services.

Extranet Associates

Piraeus Bank Extranet is suitable for:

  • Consultancy businesses – accountants/tax experts, real estate brokers, business consultants, etc.
  • Businesses promoting financial products – insurance, banking, investment products, etc.
  • Other businesses that contact potential customers for our products – building constructors, equipment suppliers, photovoltaic system installers, etc.

Scope of partnership

Our associates complement the sales and distribution network for our products and services at three stages:


  • They promote Piraeus Bank products and services and distribute brochures to their customers
  • They offer detailed and accurate information to their customers about our products and services, as well as their features and competitive advantages


  • They collect all necessary supporting documents for each product
  • They file the application through an installed computer application and make sure the customer signs the application form

Close of sale

  • They send the applications online and forward the files with the supporting documents to the Piraeus Bank approval centre, indicating the customer’s preferred branch
  • They treat all information acquired during the process as confidential and maintain banking secrecy

IT Support

We support the operation of the alternative associate network and facilitate its implementation through a dedicated IT application:

  • For all promoted products the application is filed online and sent from the premises of the alternative network directly to the competent Piraeus Bank approval centres
  • The fees associated with these networks are monitored

How our associates benefit

Our Extranet associates enjoy benefits from this partnership:

  • We prioritise the processing and reply to all applications they file
  • We constantly update our associates on new Piraeus Bank products that suit their customers’ profile