How to keep your business safe

All the card data should be secured when collected through the selling point or entered in a payment system. The best course of action is not to store in any way the cardholder’s data.

This includes the protection of the following:

  • Card readers
  • POS terminals
  • Networks and wireless routers
  • All files (electronic and physical) that store and transmit card data
  • Electronic payment applications and of e-shop carts

The International Security Standard PCI incorporates all the best practices created with the experience and knowhow of security experts around the globe.

The Standard works for the world’s largest companies, therefore it can work for your company as well.

  • Purchase and use only authorized POS devices from certified institution
  • Do not store any kind of sensitive card data on computers or paper
  • Use a firewall and a protection system for your network and computers
  • Make sure that your router is password protected and has encryption
  • Use strong passwords. Make sure you have changed the systems’ initial passwords – most of them are not secure
  • Check regularly your PIN inputs and the computers to make sure that a malware or skimming device has not been installed
  • Train your employees on security issues and card data protection