Bills of Exchange Collection Service

Bills of Exchange Collection Service is intended for those who are using Βills of Exchange as a means of commercial transactions with their customers.

You only have to assign the actual Bills of Exchange to Piraeus Bank, who will take care of their whole monitoring and management collection, via:

  • their safe keeping
  • the monitoring of their expiration dates
  • the information of your debtors
  • their collection

Service advantages

  • Safe keeping of the Bills of Exchange in a special designed area within Piraeus Bank ‘s premises.
  • Reduced operating cost due to payment monitoring.
  • Capability to report unpaid Bills of Exchange to TIRESIAS Bank Information Systems S.A.

How can your customers pay

Piraeus Bank informs your customers through the ELTAs by mailing a Notification, containing the details of the bill of exchange that is to be paid, as well as the details of the nearest Piraeus Bank Branch where it can be settled.

With the payment completion, your customers receive back the actual Bill of Exchange.

How can you get informed

You can have access to your Bills of Exchange portfolio and credit balance, online through winbank.

You can instantly get information for any Bill of Exchange payment and credit to your account through email or sms winbank alerts.