Advantages of Contract Farming for Businesses

By joining the Contract Farming Programme, businesses enjoy benefits that will help them secure, expand and improve their sales of agricultural produce and their exports..

Benefits for Businesses 

  • Businesses enjoy the necessary liquidity thanks to special-purpose working capital from the Bank that allows them to purchase high-quality raw materials and to continue to export or increase exports, while also being able to accurately schedule payments.

  • This frees up any liquidity of their own they may have, which can be used to cover other needs, such as loan repayments, financing investment plans, etc.

  • It helps them plan their finances better over the long-term.

EFT/POS Collections

In all areas where the programme has been implemented, the Bank has put in place an extensive network of POS devices where farmers can use their Contract Farming card. These devices allow them to use the specific card to enter into transactions at physical points of sale. Installing Piraeus Bank POS devices at physical points of sale has the following advantages:

  • The business gets the equipment free of charge from Piraeus Bank. 

  • Customers make their transactions rapidly and safely.
  • Allowing all customers to pay by card may increase your sales.