winbank Debit & Credit alerts

What are they

The winbank Debit & Credit alerts for businesses notify you every time debits or credits you have chosen to monitor are recorded in your business account:


  • Cash advances

  • Money transfers to another account

  • Bill payments through standing order

  • Payment to your business credit card

  • Payment of loan instalment

  • Payment of cheques


  • Incoming remittances

  • Payment of farmer subsidies

  • Money transfers from another account

  • Cash deposits from another account

  • Payment of interest from an account, time deposit or REPOS

  • Payment of dividends

  • Tax return

How to set them

 1.  Specify the account you want to monitor.

 2.  Choose for which debits or credits you want to receive alerts.

 3.  Specify the period for which you want to receive alerts:
    • From when and up until when you want to receive alerts

    • What times of the day you want to receive alerts (silent times)

You can activate or deactivate the winbank Debit & Credit alerts for businesses at any time.