Pay & Save Service

Save up easily with the new Pay & Save Service, while making your daily purchases using your debit card.

Every purchase you make using your debit card, is rounded up to the nearest €1 or €5 and the difference is transferred from your daily transactions account to your savings account. This way, savings becomes easier than ever!

You can enroll to the service instantly via winbank web banking and winbank mobile app!

In the following illustrative example, you can figure out how much savings you can accumulate annually, with some typical purchases.

  • Daily
  • Transaction amount 1.50€
  • Saving amount 0.50€
Annual Savings Amount

Light Lunch/ Snack
  • Twice a week
  • Transaction amount 4.20€
  • Saving amount 0.80€
Annual Savings Amount

Super Market
  • Once a week
  • Transaction amount 56.30€
  • Saving amount 0.70€
Annual Savings Amount
Total Annual Savings Amount

Calculations have been made, rounding up the purchase amount to the nearest €1 and without daily savings amount cap.

What do I need to enroll to “Pay & Save”

Pay & Save Service is offered free of charge. In order to enroll you need:

  • a deposit account for your daily banking transactions
  • a debit card linked to the above account and
  • a savings account to which the saving amount is transferred.

Upon your enrollment to the service, you define the round-up unit of every purchase to the nearest €1 or €5. Moreover, you can set up a daily saving amount cap of €5 or €10 for better control on your finances.

You can enroll to the service:

On line

Via winbank web banking and winbank mobile app

At any Piraeus Bank branch

Find the closest branch

What more do Ι need to know

  • The service is available only to individuals. Corporate debit cards are not eligible for Pay & Save
  • The Savings Accounts that are eligible to be linked to the service are the following:
         AXIZEI Savings Account, or
         DIPLO Savings Account, or
         BORO Savings Account or
         yellowkid Savings Account or
         PROODEVO Savings Account (not offered for opening)
  • The round-ups of the purchases are made on the day the account is charged (clearance date) and not on the day of the purchase.The round-ups are summed daily and a transfer of the total savings amount is made. This amount cannot exceed the daily saving amount cap you may have set.
  • You can alter the service details whenever you want, via winbank web banking or at any branch:
         Modify the linked debit card or savings account, the round up amount and/or the daily saving amount cap
         Deactivate the service temporarily (no round-ups are made during this time)
         Reactivate the service
  • Purchases already rounded to the rounding unit selected (€1 or €5), are not further rounded.
  • You can monitor via winbank web banking the amount you have saved in the current month, year or since the beginning of the service.