POS integration with your Cash Register System

Connect your POS terminal to your business's cash register system with the privilege of faster and more secure transactions. With the mandatory integration, as announced by AADE (Government Gazette 5994/B/13-10-2023), epay's Card Acceptance and Transaction Settlement Terminals (EFT/POS) comply with the updated requirements of the tax administration. This ensures that every card transaction will be carried out in accordance with the new regulations and within the specified timeframes.

How does it work?

During a transaction at the store's cash registers, the user of the cash register does not need to make any movements on the POS terminal to complete a card transaction. The cash register has already automatically transferred the necessary information for the transaction completion to the POS terminal. The customer simply places the card and the transaction is completed.

At the same time, the terminal electronically updates the cash register for the transaction, which helps simplify cash register delivery to the accounting department, as transactions that have been made with a card and with cash are systematically characterized.

What are the advantages?

  • Faster and safer transactions - the transaction amount is automatically transferred from the cash register to the POS terminal, avoiding any errors during data entry.
  • Speed in cash reconciliation - the accounting department receives the information immediately and identified according to the payment method (cash or card).

If you wish to activate this feature, you should contact a cooperating branch of Piraeus Bank's network for more information.

New solution: Cash register app on your terminal

Your business can easily modernize by simply downloading a single application, e-Tameiaki. The e-Tameiaki application completely replaces the need for a traditional cash register. You can issue retail transaction receipts directly from your terminal (Android A920 Pro) without the need for additional software or equipment. It is designed for business owners looking for:

  • Smooth transition to the mandatory integration of a cash register and point of sale (POS)
  • Instantly available data with a single search within the e-Tameiaki application
  • An economical and environmentally friendly payment solution with the ability to provide digital receipts without additional equipment

Learn more on the epay website.