Instalments and Discounting through epay POS

All epay partners, regardless of their chosen payment solution, have the ability to accept installment payments both in-store and online.

What does the service offer?

By activating the installment program, the amount of the first installment will be credited to your account the next working day (subsequent installments will be credited every month on the transaction anniversary date).

To gain greater liquidity, you can apply for the Automatic Installment Prepayment program. This program provides you with great flexibility at a low cost, which is held at the time of settlement. The amount resulting from the settlement of the transaction is credited to your account the next business day.

Once you choose to join the Automatic Installment Prepayment program, all transactions made with installments will be pre-paid until the prepayment credit limit granted to you is covered.

Advantages of the use of service for the business

  • Maintenance of liquidity – collecting the transaction amount on the next working day, with low cost, the business enjoys immediate credit (referring to installment prepayment).
  • Increase of sales – businesses participating in similar programs appear to generate a satisfactory percentage of their turnover through these services as the consumer is facilitated in paying for a high-cost transaction, which they would not have otherwise made with a lump sum charge.
  • Advantage towards competitiveness – the consumer chooses to make a high-cost transaction at a store/e-shop that offers installment payments.

Offer your customers the convenience of installment payments for their transactions and gain a significant advantage over your competitors.