Instant Payments Service

Manage flexibly your business payments within Greece or abroad. Send remittance within 10 seconds with Instant Payment priority by Piraeus Bank.

How you benefit

  • Business payments flexibility, 24/7/365, in an extensive network of participating banks in pan-european level
  • Funds transfer and availability to the receiver instantly
  • Immediate payment of your obligations to your suppliers and partners in Greece or abroad, within 10 seconds
  • Credit to the receiver’s account full of funds, with no extra charges from his bank, provided that the payment is addressed to any bank in Greece participating in the service
  • Secure transactions

How much money can you send via Instant Payments?

You may send payment orders in Euro currency to participating banks within Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), for amount:

  • up to €100.000 per transaction:
  • - within Greece or abroad via branch network
    - within Greece via winbank (web banking, mobile app)

  • up to €50.000 per transaction:
  • - abroad via winbank (web banking, mobile app)

How can you make your business payments via Instant Payments?

You can make your business payments through:

  • winbank (web banking & winbank mobile app)
  • the branch network

If you wish to send money through Instant Payments, your remittance has to be sent with Instant Payment priority and to meet the necessary prerequisites (beneficiary bank, amount sent, use of IBAN).

The Ιnstant Payment priority is always available:

  • regardless of day or time (24/7/365), for transactions through winbank
  • from Monday to Friday until 14:00 for transactions through Piraeus Bank branches

The funds transfer is executed and credited to the beneficiary's account within 10 seconds. In case your transaction cannot be completed successfully, the money will be refunded to your account within 10 seconds.

The service is provided under the existing legal and regulatory framework.