Developing my business

Identify opportunities that fit your business growth plans and get access to proper financing solutions.

Discuss with us the financing solutions that best fit your plans and benefit from:

  • Contemporary & specialized Financing Instruments for guaranteed financing in cooperation with National & European Development Institutions, such as the Hellenic Development Bank - HDB, the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund
  • Favorable financing terms with competitive pricing for your investment plans
  • 25% discount on application fees for term loans
  • "Integrated Support Framework"

    An innovative Piraeus Bank service, concerning businesses who have joined subsidized programs, provided to you free of charge, including:

    • Monitoring of the compatibility and consistency of expenditure with the technical annexes of investment plans
    • Confirm of the eligibility and proper payment of the invoices, according to the terms and conditions of each action
    • Informing of the customers on any incompatibilities regarding the approval received, or/and any relevant amendments
Piraeus Equall 360° is available to businesses run by women (Individual Businesses, Freelancers) or 51% of the business is owned by a woman / women (Legal Entities).

The products and services offered by Piraeus Equall 360° as well as special pricing, where available, may be reviewed at the discretion of the Bank.